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Feeds provided by the kabo-list-wiki:
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Feeds provided by the main pages:

Feeds provided by the day-page-sets:

Feeds for pages in the kabo-list-wiki aggregating the wiki-feeds of the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive:

Feeds for aggregations of main pages

Feeds for aggregations of day-page-sets

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Pages in the kabo-list-wiki that are included into other wikis:

All home pages for the kabo-wikis linked to in the day-page-set
all wikis all wikis are deep linked pages.

blogs with kabo-wiki blogs with kabo-wiki

groups kabo-wiki groups kabo-wiki

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Removed the pages delicious tag KaboWiki, facebook page kabo-wiki, friendfeed tag KaboWiki, google blog search kabo-wiki, group kabo-wiki, tag KaboWiki, twingly blog search kabo-wiki, twitter tag KaboWiki and all pages xxx, explained.


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The list of day-page-sets in the kabo-list-wiki:

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Mattis Manzel:
Added the day-page-sets face and ting kabo-wiki. Removed the combination of day-page-sets face and ‘all wikis’ and talk. Reduced the mouse over texts.


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The list of wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive with a home page in the kabo-list-wiki.


  1. de-kabo-Sand-wiki, try out kabo-wiki in German
    kabo-Listen-wiki – de-kabo-Sand-wiki [de]
  2. de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki, the center-wiki in German
    kabo-Listen-wiki – de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  3. en-kabo-center-wiki, the center-wiki in English
    kabo-list-wiki – en-kabo-center-wiki [en]
  4. en-kabo-empty-wiki, copy templates for the wiki-net page structure over to a new kabo-wiki
    kabo-list-wiki – en-kabo-empty-wiki [en]
  5. en-kabo-sand-wiki, try out kabo-wiki in English
    kabo-list-wiki – en-kabo-sand-wiki [en]
  6. fr-kabo-centre-wiki, the center-wiki in French
    kabo-liste-wiki – fr-kabo-centre-wiki [fr]
  7. fr-kabo-wiki-à-sable, try out kabo-wiki in French
    kabo-liste-wiki – fr-kabo-wiki-à-sable [fr]
  8. it-kabo-centro-wiki, the center-wiki in Italian
    kabo-lista-wiki – it-kabo-centro-wiki [it]
  9. kabo-list-wiki, aggregates the wikis sitting in the main-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – kabo-list-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  10. kabo-wiki-hive, the main-wiki
    kabo-list-wiki – kabo-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  11. local-names-sand-wiki, try out local names
    kabo-list-wiki – local-names-sand-wiki [en]
  12. multilingual-sand-wiki, try out a multilingual wiki interface
    kabo-list-wiki – multilingual-sand-wiki [de]•[en]•[xx]•
  13. ru-kabo-центр-wiki, the center-wiki in Russian
    kabo-list-wiki – ru-kabo-центр-wiki [ru]

other center-wikis

  1. carrotmob-wiki, for web-sites about carrotmob
    kabo-list-wiki – carrotmob-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  2. e-learning-center-wiki, for web-sites about e-learning
    kabo-list-wiki – e-learning-center-wiki [en]
  3. e-learning-Zentrum-wiki, for web-sites about e-learning in German
    kabo-Listen-wiki – e-learning-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  4. Esperanto-centro-vikio, for web-sites in and about Esperanto
    kabo-list-wiki – Esperanto-centro-vikio [eo]+[de]-[en]-[fr]-[xx]-
  5. Greenland-wiki, for web-sites about Greenland
    kabo-list-wiki – Greenland-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  6. hack-Babel-wiki, for web-sites intending to enable multilingual communication
    kabo-list-wiki – hack-Babel-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  7. Lug-center-wiki, for Linux users groups worldwide
    kabo-list-wiki – Lug-center-wiki [en]
  8. multilingual-wiki, for multilingual web-sites, to translate text on multilingual wiki pages
    kabo-list-wiki – multilingual-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  9. superstition-wiki, for web-sites about what is commonly called superstition
    kabo-list-wiki – superstition-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  10. whoRthey-wiki, who they are in the one big soup
    kabo-list-wiki – whoRthey-wiki [en]
  11. wikileaks-wiki, wikileaks, friends, supporters
    kabo-list-wiki – wikileaks-wiki [en]+[xx]-

other wikis

  1. Astra-Lug-wiki, the Linux-user-group in Astrakhan, Russia
    kabo-list-wiki – Astra-Lug-wiki [ru]+[en]-
  2. Bundesliga-wiki, about the entire German soccer league
    kabo-Listen-wiki – Bundesliga-wiki [de]
  3. Dialekt-wiki, translate texts to different German dialects
    kabo-Listen-wiki – Dialekt-wiki [de]
  4. DSzV-wiki, the German center for studies in Venice, Italy
    kabo-Listen-wiki – DSzV-wiki [de]+[it]-
  5. game-ideas-wiki, collect ideas for games, both real-life and computer-games
    kabo-list-wiki – game-ideas-wiki [en]
  6. jokes-wiki, collect jokes from different languages and translate them
    kabo-list-wiki – jokes-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  7. local-names-wiki, provide local names for web-sites not part of the wiki-net
    kabo-list-wiki – local-names-wiki [en]
  8. parola-del-giorno-wiki, archive words of the day in Italian
    kabo-lista-wiki – parola-del-giorno-wiki [it]
  9. Philo-wiki, Philosophie
    kabo-Listen-wiki – Philo-wiki [de]
  10. slang-wiki, translate texts to different slangs and dialects of the English language
    kabo-list-wiki – slang-wiki [en]
  11. Spiele-Ideen-wiki, collect ideas for games, both real-life and computer-games in German
    kabo-Listen-wiki – Spiele-Ideen-wiki [de]
  12. word-of-the-day-wiki, archive words of the day
    kabo-list-wiki – word-of-the-day-wiki [en]
  13. Wort-des-Tages-wiki, archive words of the day in German
    kabo-Listen-wiki – Wort-des-Tages-wiki [de]

The pages all xxx aggregate the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive.

Aggregations of main pages:

Aggregations of day-page-sets:

Aggregations of search queries:

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kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki

hive ideakabo-wiki-hive – kabo-list-wiki – hive idea hive-idea-feed [de]+[en]+[fr]+

[de] Die Idee hinter dem kabo-wiki-Nest ist es, ein offenes wiki-Nest zur Verfügung zu stellen, alle wikis sind willkommen. Es gibt einige vielsprachige wikis und wikis über Sprache im kabo-wiki-Nest, doch es gibt auch andere wikis. Siehe die Seite alle wikis, bitte.
[en] The idea behind the kabo-wiki-hive is to provide an open wiki-hive, all wikis are welcome. There are some wikis about language and multilingual wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive but there are other wikis as well. See the page all wikis, please.
[fr] L’idée dernière de la ruche-kabo-wiki est de fournier une ruche-wiki ouverte, tous les wikis sont bienvenue. Il y-as quelque wikis sur les langues et des wikis multilingue dans la ruche-kabo-wiki, mais on trouve aussi des autre wikis. Vois la page tous les wikis, svp.

[de] Alle Ideen hinter den wikis im kabo-wiki-Nest zeigt die Seite alle wiki Ideen.
[en] See all ideas behind the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive on the page all wiki ideas.
[fr] Voyez touts les idées dernière les wikis dans la ruche-kabo-wiki sur la page toutes les idées wiki.